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Acupuncture - effect on all bodily functions

Acupuncture is a field of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in which - according to the theory - the body‘s vital energy circulates along defined pathways, the meridians, and exercises a controlling influence on all bodily functions.

In this definition „being ill“ means that a disrupted energy flow is responsible for any illnesses. Acupuncture at the points assumed on the meridian stimulates and harmonises the flow of vital energy, the Qi.

This method is based on yin and yang, which is complemented by the Five Elements and the meridian concept. The aim is harmonisation of the body‘s energy equilibrium. Acupuncture heals what is disrupted but not what is destroyed.

Around 400 acupuncture points are used that are situated on the meridians. The most common model assumes 12 major meridians arranged in mirrored pairs on each side of the body.
In most cases, a number of sessions are required so as not to subject animals and their bodies to too much stimulation at one time.