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NeuroStim® Therapy - Cell biological regulation and modulation of the fascia
The body of a horse has about 250 muscles that work together with tendons, ligaments and the fascial system. If a muscle is stressed, it can neither tense nor relax - the movement of the horse is restricted. Performance restriction in one place often causes subsequent harm to other parts of the fascial system, and can lead to structural damage to the entire organism. This results in compensatory postural adjustments and alterations in the pattern of movement.

Neuro-stim® treatment concentrates on the rhythmic, mechanical stimulation of the cells in the fascial tissue, which is directly activated. This allows muscular tension and fascial adhesions to be loosened at an early stage, preventing the adoption of compensatory postural adjustments.
Neuro-stim® therapy is particularly suitable for the following indications:

  • muscle problems following sports injuries
  • systematic buildup of muscles
  • muscular atrophy, myopathies
  • Injuries to tendons and ligaments
  • mobilisation of the spinal column
  • haematomas
  • disorders of the autonomic nervous system
  • neuralgia
  • scar contractures
  • promotion of health and wellness
  • relaxation during training phases