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Kinesiology equine taping according to Heinbokel-tmg

In human physiotherapy, tapes dyed according to the rules of chromotherapy have been used for many years now in the treatment of a wide range of injuries and muscular tension as well as for correcting poor posture.

Since 2007, the method has also been used successfully in the therapy of horses, cows and dogs.

The tape is made of all-cotton fabric; it is elastic, air-permeable, water-resistant and hypoallergenic. These properties enable a high level of comfort and good skin compatibility for as long as the tape is worn.

The method is especially recommended for swollen legs, chronic phlegmon, lumbago, tendinopathy, synovitis or congestive oedema. Kinesiology equine taping has also proved a promising therapy in the correction of movement patterns and in post-injury and post-surgery care.
The body‘s own healing processes can be boosted, and pain and restricted movement can be successfully treated. Blood and lymph circulation are stimulated.