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Restoration of mobility using manual techniques

„Osteopathy is not a form of treatment but a way of regarding the living organism as a whole.“ (D. Giniaux, osteopath for horses)

The goal of physiotherapy is to achieve a natural reaction of the organism (e.g. muscle development, stimulation of the metabolism, relief of tension, pain reduction or pain elimination) and to restore, maintain and/or improve health.

Chromotherapy is used as a gentle, supporting therapy to activate powers of self-healing.

Meridian massage, i.e. stimulation of the meridians using light, massage, pressure or heat, restores equilibrium to the body‘s energy system.

Early action can be taken to counteract tension and rideability problems, injuries can be healed more quickly, dysfunctions and other illnesses can be prevented.
The healing effect of such therapies is often apparent after just one session; the immune system can be strengthened and the energy metabolism in cells can be stimulated.